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By David Bacon Truthout | Report 6/24/17 Sanctuary churches. Sanctuary schools. Sanctuary cities. Sanctuary workplaces? Albeit far from its intentions, the Trump administration has put the idea of sanctuaries on steroids — spaces free from the threat of raids and deportations. As immigrant workers, unions and their allies look for creative ways to counter anti-immigrant […]

‘Unfortunately in Pittsburgh, We Have a Tale of Two Cities.’

Local filmmaker Chris Ivey stands at the entrance to East Liberty, now marked by new development Pittsburgh is poised for growth for the first time in 60 years. Will the city’s African-American community grow with it? By Ryan Deto Pittsburgh City Paper It used to be that community activists, politicians and developers would fight over […]

David Bacon–Streets of New York: work or no work

A David Bacon photoessay on life and work on the streets of New York © David Bacon, 2015 Click on the photo to go to the entire essay From Chinatown to midtown, Manhattan is part of a city that works, and also that doesn’t work. That is, it’s full of working people, but not everyone […]

Why Baltimore Is Burning

By Kevin Powell BK Nation I am from the ghetto. The first 13 years of my life I grew up in the worst slums of Jersey City, New Jersey, my hometown. If you came of age in one of America’s poor inner cities like I did then you know that we are good, decent people: […]

Steal This Idea: City Water Generating Green Power

A previous LucidPipe installation, with one of the turbines visible inside the pipe (Photo: Lucid Energy) Portland to Generate Electricity Within Its Own Water Pipes  By Ben Coxworth via Gizmag Feb17, 2015 – There’s a lot of water constantly moving through the municipal pipelines of most major cities. While the water itself is already […]

Rahm Emanuel Is a Union-buster. So Why Are Chicago Unions Backing Him?

Most of the city’s labor movement is laying low or supporting the mayor in the upcoming election, despite his well-known anti-worker policies By David Moberg In These Times Jan. 28, 2015 – When Rahm Emanuel strode into office as mayor of Chicago in 2011, one of his first targets was the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). […]

Bill de Blasio: The Progressive Movement Is Alive and Well in NYC

The former activist and New York public advocate looks back at his first year as mayor. Interview with Eric Alterman The Nation via Alternet Jan 14, 2015 – In October 2014, Nation columnist Eric Alterman sat down with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in his City Hall office. Open and affable, de Blasio spent […]

Blood On Their Hands: The Racist History of Modern Police Unions

By Flint Taylor In These Times Jan 14, 2015 – Outraged by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s statements concerning the killing of Eric Garner, Patrick Lynch, the longtime leader of the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), the NYPD’s officers union, recently made the outrageous assertion that the Mayor had “blood on […]

The NYPD’s Mini-Rebellion, and the True Face of American Fascism

By Andrew O’Hehir Progressive America Rising via Salon Jan 5, 2015 – In 1935, with Hitler and Mussolini forging a historic alliance in Europe and the world sliding toward war, Sinclair Lewis published the satirical novel “It Can’t Happen Here,”which depicted the rise of an indigenous American fascist movement. Lewis is a fine prose stylist, […]