• Carl Bloice
  • Carl Davidson
  • Pat Fry

National Executive Committee (NEC)

To be Announced

National Coordinating Committee (NCC) - elected July & October, 2013

  • Ann Beighley, Pennsylvania
  • Erica Carter, South Carolina
  • Courtney Childs, Oregon
  • Donna Dewitt, South Carolina
  • Will Emmons, Kentucky
  • Marian Gordon, S. California
  • Ira Grupper, Kentucky
  • Jay Jurie, Florida
  • Karl Kramer, N. California
  • Paul Krehbiel, S. California
  • Duncan McFarland, Massachusetts
  • Anne Mitchell, New York
  • Doug Morris, Pennsylvania
  • Carl Redwood, Pennsylvania
  • Ted Reich, New York
Round-by-round July Election results
Round-by-round October Election results
  • Cheryl Richards, New York
  • Zach Robinson, North Carolina
  • Ellen Schwartz, N. California
  • David Schwartzman, D.C. Area
  • Randy Shannon, Pennsylvania
  • Tina Shannon, Pennsylvania
  • Jim Skillman, Georgia
  • Kathy Sykes, Mississippi
  • Harry Targ, Indiana
  • Janet Tucker, Kentucky
  • Meta Van Sickle, S. Carolina
  • Steve Willett, N. California
  • Mildred Williamson, Illinois
  • Denise Young, New York

Advisory Board Members

  • Timuel D. Black Professor (emeritus) City College of Chicago
  • Jim Campbell, National Co-Chair Emeritus
  • Noam Chomsky Professor, MIT
  • Angela Davis, Author, Professor, Activist
  • Ruby Dee, Actress, poet, playwright
  • Elaine Hagopian, Professor of Sociology, Simmons College
  • Connie Hogarth Cofounder, former Exec. Dir of WESPAC C. Hogarth Ctr for Social Action, Manhattanville College
  • Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez Director, Institute for MultiRacial Justice
  • Charlene Mitchell, National Co-Chair Emeritus
  • Eugene "Gus" Newport, Former Mayor of Berkeley
  • Jack O'Dell, Movement organizer, journalist, foreign policy specialist
  • Pete Seeger, Musician, writer, environmentalist
  • Mark Solomon, National Co-Chair Emeritus