Election Results



  • Paul Krehbiel, S. California
  • Harry Targ, Indiana
  • Janet Tucker, W. Pennsylvania



  • Meta Van Sickle, S. Carolina

Coordinating Committee (NCC)

  • Barbara Blong, N. California
  • Courtney Childs, Oregon
  • Carl Davidson, W. Pennsylvania
  • Donna Dewitt, South Carolina
  • Pat Fry, New York
  • Marian Gordon, S. California
  • Karl Kramer, N. California
  • Alex Krehbiel, S. California
  • Duncan McFarland, Massachusetts
  • Anne Mitchell, New York
  • Ellen Schwartz, N. California
  • Randy Shannon, Pennsylvania
  • Kathy Sykes, Mississippi
  • Steve Willett, N. California
  • Mildred Williamson, Illinois

The National Coordinating Committee is elected in two stages – 15 members are elected at the convention (above) and 15 more are elected by mail ballot in the fall. They are elected using the Single Transferable Vote method of Proportional Representation (STV). For a round-by-round description of the above elections CLICK HERE