Socialist Education Project

This page is currently being developed and is a rough draft.
 Socialist education is important for both strengthening the movement and building greater connection and cooperation, and informing effective action.

The SEP will sponsor online discussion and resources and in-person programs.  It will produce literature, visual aids and cultural products of value to help create a socialism that both draws upon its history and is relevant to building a twenty-first century socialism.

Everyone is invited to participate!

CCDS online discussions: (listserve, Facebook, Russian revolution forum or whatever we develop)

Online University of the Left — Welcome to the online center for Marxist and progressive learning.  Why a Marxist school?  Karl Marx’s ideas are a common touchstone for many people working for change.  His historical materialism, many contributions to political economy and class analysis all continue to serve the self-emancipation of the working class and a vision of socialist society.

Russian Revolution 1917-2017 — 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the historic victory of the working class.  CCDS is marking the year with a series of discussions and presentations.  Please join us: (RR subpage link)

Left Links — weekly online newsletter, a left unity media project working for 21st century socialism.  For latest issue and free subscription: (link)

Monthly Webinar series:  Join the monthly webinar conference call discussions covering current issues in depth.  Recent topics, have included rightwing populism, the black lives movement, ecosocialism and a reportback from Cuba. Contact Janet Tucker for information on the next webinar.

CCDS Publications: Dialogue and Initiative — the CCDS journal of analysis and discussion invites contributions.  For more information, contact the editor.  (link to the 2016 issue).

CCDS also publishes a pamphlet series on topics such as climate change, Democracy Charter, and Vietnam today.

Schedule of events: (need schedule details)
May _______, Democracy Charter presentation
May _______, Left Forum, New York City
June _______, Working Class Studies Assn. conference, Bloomingdale IN