David Bacon–San Miguel de Allende Dancers

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, MEXICO - 10/3/14 - On the days honoring St. Micheal, the patron saint of San Miguel de Allende, groups of dancers from all over Mexico parade through the streets from morning until nightfall.  Many are performing dances of indigenous people.

Copyright David Bacon

photo © David Bacon

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE (9/29/14) — For three days during the town fiesta of San Miguel de Allende indigenous dance groups converge here, and dance through the streets from morning until late at night. Costumes celebrate everything from religious symbols to mythologized history to a common bond with the culture of native peoples north of the U.S. border. Almost 40% of San Miguel residents are Otomi and 20% Nahua, but the dances are performed by groups from all over Mexico.

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