Airline Food Service Workers Arrested at SFO

Photographs by David Bacon

Copyright © 2019 David Bacon

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 26NOVEMBER19 – Workers who prepare food for airlines and their supporters picket Terminal 2 and are arrested with their supporters in a civil disobedience action at San Francisco International Airport. Workers are protesting the failure of the companies who run the flight kitchens to agree on a fair contract with their union, Unitehere Local 2. Low wages force many workers to work an additional job besides their job in the airline food kitchens.

Copyright © 2019 David Bacon

Copyright © 2019 David Bacon

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Farmworkers Rise Up Against Trump and Labor Exploitation

By David Bacon,
Truthout August 10, 2019
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BELLINGHAM, WA – 4AUGUST19 – Farm workers and their supporters march to protest the H2-A guestworker program and the death of Honesto Silva, on the anniversary of his death twho years earlier. They also protested recent federal regulations making it more difficult to protect the rights of H-2A and resident farm workers. The march was organized by Community2Community and the new union for Washington farm workers, Familias Unidas por la Justicia. © 2019 David Bacon

Washington State today is ground zero in the effort to hold back the massive use of agricultural guest workers by U.S. growers, and to ensure that farmworkers, both those living here and those coming under the H-2A visa program, have their rights respected. For a second year, on August 4 workers and their supporters marched 14 miles in 90-degree heat through berry fields just below the Canadian border, protesting what they charge is widespread abuse of agricultural labor.

“Farmworker families have been living and working in local fields since the early 1950s,” according to Rosalinda Guillen, director of Community to Community, a farm worker organizing and advocacy group in Whatcom County. “But we’ve seen a big increase in growers’ use of the H-2A guest worker program in the last few years, and it’s had a huge impact on working conditions in the fields. We’ve had to feed guest workers who come to us hungry, fight to get them paid their wages, and help them deal with extreme work requirements. At the same time, our local workers find they’re not being hired for jobs they’ve done for many seasons.”

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David Bacon – The Sadness of the Border Wall

TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTE, MEXICO – 29MAY16 – On the Mexican side of the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. families greet other family members on the U.S. side. This takes place every Sunday at the Parque de Amistad, or Friendship Park, in Playas de Tijuana, the neighborhood of Tijuana where the wall runs into the Pacific Ocean. Catelina Cespedes, Carlos Alcaide and Teodolo Torres greet Florita Galvez, who is on the other side. The family came from Santa Monica Cohetzala in Puebla to meet at the wall.
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