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By David Bacon The DACA youth, the “dreamers” are the true children of NAFTA – those who, more than anyone, paid the price for the agreement. Yet they are the ones now punished by the Trump administration as it takes away their legal status, their ability to work, and their right to live in this […]

Braceros Organize After One Worker Dies

Picking blueberries on a Washington State farm. Risking deportation, Washington state farmworkers protest dangerous conditions in the fields By David Bacon The American Prospect, 8/8/17 A farmworker’s death in the broiling fields of Washington state has prompted his fellow braceros to put their livelihoods in jeopardy by going on strike, joining a union, being discharged […]


by David Bacon The Progressive / On The Line – 7/21/17 The face of work and poverty in Yakima ranges from a closed mill of the city’s past to the agricultural fields of its present. At the edge of town is the rusting structure of the old Boise Cascade plywood plant, where many of this […]

May Day in Yakima – David Bacon

Text and photos by David Bacon What a beautiful day! Que Viva el Primero de Mayo! We are here today in solidarity with people all over this country who have stopped work, who are marching in the streets like we are. And why are we marching? Because last week ICE picked up hundreds of people, […]

Jobs and the Future: Advancing the Next System with Advanced Manufacturing

Isthus Engineering, Madison WI, a robotics and advanced tool manufacturing coop with 50+ workers By Max Ogden, Nina Gregg et al The Next System via Portside Oct 17, 2016 – This essay is a polemic. As such, we argue with broad strokes. We welcome debate on the broad strokes as well as the details, knowing […]

Why Is One of Sanders’ Most Important Proposals Being Ignored?

By Robert Reich Alternet via USW Blog Why is there so little discussion about one of Bernie Sanders’s most important proposals – to tax financial speculation? Buying and selling stocks and bonds in order to beat others who are buying and selling stocks and bonds is a giant zero-sum game that wastes countless resources, uses […]

David Bacon–Streets of New York: work or no work

A David Bacon photoessay on life and work on the streets of New York © David Bacon, 2015 Click on the photo to go to the entire essay From Chinatown to midtown, Manhattan is part of a city that works, and also that doesn’t work. That is, it’s full of working people, but not everyone […]

How A Ragtag Group Of Lefties Mainlined Debt-Free College Into The Democratic Primary

Could Progressive Change Campaign Committee help ignite the youth vote for Democrats? By Sahil Kapur Bloomberg Politics May 8, 2015 – A group of two dozen young activists working out of homes and coffee shops around the country has achieved something rather unusual: mainlining an idea into the upper echelons of the Democratic Party—including its […]

10 Steps to Transform American Society

Presenting ‘The Democracy Charter’ By Jack O’Dell The Nation April 6, 2015 – In the fall of 1979, the Rev. Jesse Jackson invited me to accompany him on a ten-day visit to South Africa, coordinated by the African National Congress. Everywhere we went, from Cape Town to Durban, from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, the Freedom […]

Who Needs a Boss?

Happy Arizmendi bakers: Erin Singer, Suet Cheng, Aeri Swendson By SHAILA DEWAN New York Times Magazine March 25, 2015 – If you happen to be looking for your morning coffee near Golden Gate Park and the bright red storefront of the Arizmendi Bakery attracts your attention, congratulations. You have found what the readers of The […]