CCDS Statement on Solidarity with Vietnam

Solidarity with Vietnam

April 30, 2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of the end of the war in Vietnam and its total liberation from US imperialism and foreign occupation. For ten years, from 1965-1975, Vietnam was at the center of world attention as a small but proud country fought the most powerful imperialist military power in history and won. The price was very high. Three million to four million Vietnamese were killed, millions more maimed, and another 5 million people poisoned with Agent Orange. A massive anti-war movement, in the US and world-wide, grew during the war years to support the Vietnamese people, to put social, economic and political pressure on the US war makers to withdraw funds and troops from the war.

Since the war’s end, Vietnam has overcome tremendous obstacles to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With nearly full employment, Vietnam has made among the greatest improvements in raising living standards and eradicating poverty of any country in the world.

Vietnam is also a leader in increasing life expectancy, advancing education, electing women and minorities to government at all levels, and developing a rich humanistic culture, all components in building a vibrant socialist society.

The Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism sends warm fraternal greetings to the people of Vietnam, its government, the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnam Women’s Union, the Vietnam-USA Society, the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange, and the many mass people’s organizations on the 40th Anniversary of its total liberation, and wishes Vietnam and its people many future successes. Many of the leaders and members of CCDS were leaders and activists in the US anti-war movement over 40 years ago. We continue to express our solidarity with Vietnam and pledge to continue our work for the victims of Agent Orange, and to advance the friendship between our two peoples.